Repeat Prescriptions

Order you prescription in plenty of time, preferably two full week days before you need the medication. We can help when you have an urgent request. There is an extra charge of $5 for this service. You can request your repeat prescription by

  • Sending the request through the Manage My Health patient portal
  • Calling the prescription line (04) 920 4562 Press 1
  • Come in and fill out a prescription request form at the medical centre
  • Speaking to a Nurse if you are having difficulty with the options listed above or your request is URGENT

Your GP will need to see you at least once a year if you are on long term medications.

Please check your prescription when you collect it and inform the receptionist or pharmacist if you notice any errors.

Safe Disposal of unwanted Medicines

Always return expired, unused or unwanted medicine to a pharmacy (chemist) where they can dispose of it safely.
Please don’t throw it in the rubbish or flush it down the toilet.

General Medical Services

General Medical services are the core of our practice.

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Immunisation is a way of protecting against infectious diseases. It is a personal choice. There are benefits and risks associated with all treatments. You need to research the issue to ascertain if this is the right option for you.

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Physiotherapy services are available through The Village Health Centre, 146 Karori Rd.

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See how the highest level of training and sophisticated equipment can be used to treat your injuries.

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Test Results

Karori Medical centre don’t routinely call you with normal blood test results. We do encourage you to check your results via the ManageMyHealth patient portal. If you have questions you can contact your GP or a nurse through the portal. You can also ring and speak to one of our nurses.
ALL normal cervical smear, biopsy, x-ray and ultrasound results are advised via text or MMH email. A nurse or doctor will call if further action is required.
Please contact the medical centre if you have any enquiries or concerns regarding your test results.

Sports Medicine

Sport is not just about physical exercise. It incorporates physical and mental wellbeing – Nutrition, Fitness, Psychology, Rapid Injury Recovery and Health Promotion.

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Nurse Clinics

A quick and convenient way of attending to minor ailments without having to see the Doctor is to make an appointment in the Nurses Clinic. Our Nurses offer a wealth of experience and expertise to meet your health needs.

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Travel Services

Our Travel Clinic offers up to date information on immunisations, health precautions and latest world trends. We use regularly updated information, along with Ministry of Health guidelines. A number of our Practitioners have undertaken Post Graduate study in this specialty.

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Maternity Care

At Karori Medical Centre we offer pre and post natal care. Although our Doctors no longer offer delivery services, there are independent midwives who operate at our branch surgery, The Village Health Centre, 146 karori Road, Karori.

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Laboratory Testing

Need to have a blood test or drop off a specimen? Wellington Southern Community Laboratories (SCL)  operate from 234 Karori Road (on the corner of Raine Street and Karori Road). Phlebotomy (taking blood) services are available Monday to Friday between 7.30am and 1.00pm.

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