Dr Chan Dassanayake to leave KMC in December

KMC will be saying goodbye to Chan at the end of December, after 27 years here.  If you are registered with Chan please call or chat with us next time you are in about registering with one of the other members of the GP team.  A letter to patients from Chan is below.


September 2023

Tēnā koe

My dear patient

I am writing to you to let you know that I will be leaving Karori Medical Center (KMC) at the end of this year – December 2023.

I signal this to you, ahead of time, to give you plenty of notice and to allow you time to find a new GP, to be your partner, on your health journey.

I have been at KMC for 27 years, and it has been a wonderous journey, and a time when I have grown as a person and doctor with your help. Being a GP has been a vocation,  and I have tried to provide a professional, and caring service, based on honesty and integrity and to the best of my ability with the resources available. I know I have not always lived up to the standards I set myself, and I apologise if I have failed you in any way during my time.

It has not been an easy decision to leave, but while I am ‘young’ enough, I would like a change in my life and a new set of challenges.  I have no idea what is next, but I need to leave KMC,  to free up time for myself, to be available for new ventures within primary care.

KMC has been my second home and will always be special to me. I cherish all the people who I have worked with at the medical center. They are an amazingly resillient, adaptable, capable and caring group of professionals, who go beyond what is required in their roles, often making personal sacrifices to do their jobs and often without recognition.

I have the upmost confidence in their ability and the future of KMC. My family are currently and will continue to be registered with the Centre, because of the trust I have in them.  The Centre has a wide variety of doctors, of varying ages and with varying sub specialties, and so I would urge you to start the process to find your best fit, given my pending abscence.

I am so grateful to have had the privilege to look after you and to be a part of your lives, during the joyous moments as well as sharing the unfortunate downs that are an inevitable part of being human. There is no other job I would have rather done because it has touched me to the core, to be a part of your life, and often your families’ lives, in Karori and the suburbs and sometimes beyond. Thank you so much for that honour.

I wish you all the best, and know that there are amazing health professionals at KMC who will be able to care for you, as I have done, or better!

Noho ora mai


Ahakoa whati te manga, e takoto ana anō te kōhiwi

Although the branch is broken off, the trunk remains