Mission Statement

Cosine Primary Care Network’s (PCN) mission is to be an independent, high performing and innovative organisation providing high quality primary health care services to our enrolled population.


To be in the top quartile of all PHOs in performance against the MOH Health targets and Integrated Performance and Incentive Framework.

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Cosine Primary Care Network is a Primary Health Organisation which was formed in January 2011. It has two large provider practices, Karori Medical Centre in Wellington, and Ropata Medical Centre in Lower Hutt. As part of the Government’s Primary Health Care Strategy, Cosine manages the Primary Health Care funding from the Ministry of Health, and works with its providers to plan and deliver primary healthcare services to individuals enrolled with the practices. It works closely with the local Te Whatu Ora district; Capital and Coast and Hutt Valley.

Cosine  is a Charitable Trust, governed by a Board of Trustees. There are eight Trustees appointed to represent community, providers, and local Iwi. The Trustees are committed to establishing a Board that provides excellence in governance and is efficiently supported by the member practices’ management teams. The Board utilises the clinical skills of its member practices together with the community input and is independently lead by a Chair with governance expertise.

The Trustees, representing Karori Medical Centre (KMC) and Ropata Medical Centre (RMC) are:

  • An Independent Chair – Hon Peter Dunne
  • Two community/consumer representatives – Nolaine Coombes (RMC) and Hinauri Mead (KMC)
  •  Iwi representative – position vacant
  • Four provider representatives – Drs Jeff Lowe and Andreea Mogos (KMC) and Drs Chris Masters and Paul Rowan  (RMC)

Cosine PCN Annual Report to 30 June 2018

2018 Signed FS 30 June 2018