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Dr Peter Moodie is retiring

After a career covering 43 years, Dr Peter Moodie has made the decision to retire.  Peter was a founding partner of the medical centre in 1976 when a group of four GPs moved in to the purpose built premises here at 11 Parkvale Road. He also held the position of Medical Director at Pharmac for 14 years until 2013 while continuing to work part time as a GP.

Karori Medical Centre has had some notable achievements over these years including becoming the first practice in the country to become fully computerised (1986); one of the first to bring in capitation; the first to become an IPA (Independent Practice Association) and becoming a single practice PHO (Primary Health organisation- 2004). Peter has championed the use of the patient portal, ManageMyHealth, for our patients and we continue to have to best enrolment rate nationally. Our current focus is the implementation of the Health Care Home model of care and Peter has kept the momentum going at KMC while also contributing to discussions to ensure that the model is appropriate for the wellington environment. Peter’s vision for patient care and his energy have kept the practice at the cutting edge of modern primary health care.  With his particular interests of diabetes, medical applications and IT, data collection and analysis he has maintained an interest in developments in patient care. He has represented the medical centre across the health sector and in 2016 chaired the Primary Care Working Group which produced a report to the Ministry of Health, providing a series of recommendations around primary care sustainability and the Very Low Cost Access Scheme. He has recently completed a Post Graduate Certificate in Clinician Performed Ultrasound. These are only a few of his many achievements.

Peter would like to thank all of the patients who have seen him over the years. He commented that his interactions with patients were enriching and that he is very aware that none of his achievements would have been possible without you, the patients.

Peter will finish on the 31st July and we wish him well in this next phase of his life, including a trip overseas to meet up with his newly arrived French/Kiwi grandson, Théo.

Many of you regard Peter as ‘your doctor’ and may be wondering which doctor you can see in the future. The Directors and staff at Karori Medical centre value having you as a patient of the medical centre and are committed to ensuring that we meet your health needs. We want to reassure you that there are other doctors who are able to help you. If you are not sure who to see or have any queries, please talk to our staff who will be happy to tell you more about your options.

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Stretched GP practices screen patients by phone

“Family doctors are prioritising phone calls from patients to ensure that those who are acutely unwell can get appointments the same day. It’s among a raft of changes being adopted by GP practices to deal with rapidly rising demand and an increasingly stretched GP workforce.”

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Karori Medical Centre uses a website allowing patients to get advice and check records online

Charles is a fan of the Manage My Health website offered by Karori Medical Centre that allows patients to view their own medical records via the “patient portals” system. He was our first patient to sign up for the service and there are now nearly 5000 users.

Karori Medical Centre patient Charles Stewart talks about his experience using Manage My Health



Health Care Home at Karori Medical

Karori Medical Centre is one of the first medical centres in the Capital and Coast DHB region to be selected to implement the Health care Home model of care.

Dr Jeff Lowe said the Karori Medical Centre was proud to be selected in the 1st tranche of practices to lead the development of the Health Care Home in CCDHB.

“We believe people should live well with their family and whanau within the community. The Health Care Home is a key to getting people well and keeping them well closer to home.

Capital and Coast DHB chair Virginia Hope says, the Health Care Homes work programme aims to help GPs to change the way they provide care to provide patients with better, quicker access, and to avoid patients having to make unnecessary trips to hospital.

Easier access to strengthened GP Teams to keep hospital admissions down